August 1, 2017
Stu Harris

The Boston Globe Chooses AgentTime Call Center Workforce Management Software

January 3, 2017
Stu Harris

Discounted pricing for the New Year

If you are considering purchasing call center workforce management software as part of your planning for the new year, then now is the time to purchase our AgentTime™ scheduler.


Below is a list of our standard prices, and a discount price at 35% off.  This is a great way to get a head start on cost savings for your company while adding efficiency to your call center organization.


This pricing is good for purchases completed prior to Friday January 27, 2017.  After that, our pricing will return to the normal retail prices.


Size of Agent Group Normal Retail Price Your Discount Price
AgentTime with Call Center Designer and SimACD for up to 50 agents $2800.00 $1820.00
AgentTime with Call Center Designer and SimACD for up to 100 agents $3800.00 $2470.00
AgentTime with Call Center Designer and SimACD for greater than 100 agents $6800.00 $4420.00

Please contact us to schedule your free online demo of Agent Time, or to receive any additional information on our affordable workforce management software solutions.


Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

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October 26, 2016
Stu Harris

New Contact Center Industry Report from ContactBabel

ContactBabel has publshed the 4th edition of the their US Contact Centers 2016-2020
The State of the Industry & Technology Penetration.  


Some key findings:

  • There are 41,500 contact centers in the US, with over 3.5 million agent positions.
  • Large contact centers (with over 250 agent positions) employ around 45% of all contact center staff, despite only accounting for less than 7% of physical contact center sites.
  • 20% of businesses using a workforce management system are looking to replace it.
  • Around 4% of the US’s employed population work in contact centers.
  • The mean average contact center size is 85 agent positions.
  • There were over 230 billion minutes of inbound calling in 2016.
  • On average, 12.5% of inbound interactions to contact centers are via email.
  • Outbound calling activity has declined considerably to 18%, although more service focused outbound calls are replacing past sales call volumes.
October 14, 2016
Stu Harris

Some Important Call Center Resource Links

August 11, 2016
Stu Harris

Free Fast Staffing Calculator App for Call Centers! Download it now from Portage Communications.

The Fast Staffing Calculator is a free call center staffing app from Portage Communications.  It gives you fast, complete Erlang-C call center staffing and financial calculations.  You can compare the performance and service level of your call center for varying agent levels over a given time period. After downloading it, read the guide to learn how to use it.  Go to the webpage link below and send us a request for the software; we will reply with a download link. Feel free to pass on the download link or downloaded app to others.  The Fast Staffing Calculator runs on all versions of Windows.

Click to get the Fast Staffing Calculator

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Call center scheduling software

Call center scheduling software

Call center scheduling software

Call center scheduling software