Pricing for our Call Center Workforce Management Software

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1. Call Center Designer - $179.00


2. Call Center Designer with SimACD - $599.00


3. AgentTime Scheduler (includes Call Center Designer and SimACD)
Maximum Agent Group Size to Schedule:


You may use your copy of our AgentTime call center scheduling software for as many agent groups in your call center as you like. Your pricing is based on the maximum number of agents that you want to schedule in any one agent group at your call center.

Call us at 208-263-6776 to determine details on your site's pricing.

  • Installs in minutes.
  • Buy one copy of AgentTime, use on multiple workstations with permission.
  • Unlimited free customer support.  No support or set-up fees.
  • AgentTime is delivered on a CD set, or download link, with a full User Guide for improving your call center performance.
  • Your scheduling data is kept private and local at your site.
  • AgentTime runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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