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The following is from an excellent article on the basics of WFM software at Beginners Guide to Workforce Management

“The Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

The benefits of putting an integrated WFM system in place can be seen in many areas of the business, but most are operational and employee-related.

Operational Benefits

By allowing you to automate and standardise routine recurring tasks, a WFM system gives you time to focus on what’s important.

Also, the system helps you integrate operations, finance and monitoring to reduce costs related to staff, admin and IT.

Let’s take a look at four other key operational benefits of having WFM software:

  • Increased efficiency, as staff planning is always based on your business requirements
  • Reduced personnel costs, through avoiding unnecessary overstaffing and overtime, eliminating non-productive time and spotting errors in payments, as actual working times are captured
  • Faster and better decisions because you have access to all KPIs in real time
  • Reduced management costs as processes are streamlined and integrated

Employee Benefits

A WFM solution allows you to provide a working environment and schedule to suit your employees’ needs better, and to match employee skills with business needs.

Other benefits that installing a WFM system may have for the contact centre team include:

  • Better work–life balance because employees’ preferences can be taken into account in staff planning
  • Lower attrition rate, as employees who are assigned to tasks that match their skills and qualifications are less stressed and more motivated
  • Greater fairness because popular and less popular working times and locations are evenly distributed, but also allocated in line with regulations and contractual requirements”

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