Free Call Center Consulting: Staffing Projections from Portage Communications

August 18, 2015 Stu Harris No comments exist

Free?!  Yes, really.

We’ve decided to offer some free consulting using our Call Center Designer and SimACD tools. We can do staffing scenarios free for you to analyze how many people you need at each time period of a given work week to meet your service levels, or to see what happens to your service levels if you are either under or over staffed. Just call us at 208-263-6776 and we’ll arrange for you to send us the call volume data we need and we’ll do some work for you.

Is there an ulterior motive? Sure there is. We’d like you to see what our software can do for you so that you might choose to buy it someday, and to also consider our AgentTime call center scheduling software.

Call Center Simulation Based Staffing Software SimACD

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