Paying attention to WFM system call volume forecasts

November 30, 2013 Stu Harris No comments exist

Do you know of any stats or surveys that answer the question of how many call center managers really pay attention to the call volume forecasts generated by their WFM software based on historical data?

My informal research indicates that about two thirds of them view the forecasts as inaccurate, and create their own based on side knowledge, hunches, selective use of historical reports, and a feel for what’s going to happen in the future rather than following an algorithm in their WFM software. This is usually because a company’s offerings, business climate, campaigns and so forth are always changing. ¬†As with most things, the past is not always a good indicator of the future.

I had a manager tell me a few weeks ago, “our call forecasting is as much a seance as it is a science”. Great quote!

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